Dr. med. Willibald Walter

Dr. med. Willibald Walter

Medical Specialist for Orthopaedics and Chiropractic Therapy
Specialist for Interventional Pain Therapy
Medical Director at the Marianowicz Centre
Worldwide Instructor for Interventional Pain Therapy
Member of the German Society for Regenerative Medicine
Member of the World Institute of Pain

„Surgical interventions can be reduced to a minimum with a targeted and comprehensive therapy concept that covers multiple levels and focuses on the active participation of the patient. Pain can be lastingly alleviated, especially in the field of non-invasive surgery, using high-tech methods and/or bioregenerative methods."

Dr. Walter's core areas

  • Selective infiltration techniques on the entire spine using computer tomography and/or fluoroscopy.
  • Interventional pain therapy
  • Catheter neuroplasty
  • Denervation
  • Minimally invasive intervertebral disc decompression with water jets in close cooperation with American specialists
  • Micro/laser therapy for intervertebral disc problems
  • Conservative and regenerative arthrosis therapy
  • Autohaemotherapy on the spine and with slipped intervertebral discs

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