Facet syndrome

Arthrosis may occur in the small intervertebral joints in the region of the cervical or the lumber spine. The friction and wear lead to an inflammation of the joint(s) that causes pain when resting and moving.

Wearing of the back – relieved from pain

Many patients complain about pain after getting up that improves over the course of the day. Stiffness with locatable back pain may also occur after long periods of sitting.
Signs of paralysis and numbness similar to a slipped vertebra can also not be ruled out. A differentiated examination and an extensive consultation between the physician and the patient are elementary to making the correct diagnosis and finding the right therapy. 

Subsequently, we offer various gentle conservative orthopaedic methods that are custom-tailored to the degree of your complaints.

A doctor examining patients to make the right diagnosis and find the right therapy.

Behandlung und Therapie im Zentrum

Preventing long-term damage

Synovial cysts may also occur over time. A synovial cyst is a fluid-filled sack that develops along the spine. This may also lead to pressure on the nerves.
The body reacts to this pain with malposition and muscle tension. The patients feel this pain mostly when standing and not so much when lying down. 

Come to us for a medical examination at an early stage and use our orthopaedic check-up for prevention.

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