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Further medical disciplines at our Centre

The Marianowicz Diagnosis & Therapy Centre offers comprehensive medical care under one roof. Specialists in the most varied disciplines will deal with your health problems.
Your advantage: an interdisciplinary exchange between the health care providers, fast appointment scheduling and short routes.


Many function disorders of the nervous system and neurological illnesses can be treated well these days. To obtain a reliable diagnosis, the neurological practice at the Marianowicz Centre can rely on the entire bandwidth of state-of-the-art diagnosis and test methods.


The cardiology, internal medicine, prevention, sports medicine and rehabilitation practices at the Marianowicz Diagnosis & Therapy Centre offer comprehensive cardiology, internal medicine and sports cardiology examinations and care for patients and athletes in all age groups – patients with cardiac diseases, cancer patients, patients with normal weight, overweight patients, recreational and professional athletes, prevention to post-treatment, and heart attack, stroke and cancer prevention.


Headed by Dr. med. Thomas Eck, the experienced team of highly qualified and specialised physicians now also sets new standards in radiological diagnostics in Bogenhausen with the individual diagnostics concept.
With our state-of-the-art high-field MRT and CT, we meet the highest prerequisites for detailed orthopaedic, internal, oncological and neurological imaging.


The private enterology practice Munich Bogenhausen is located at our Centre. Patients with gastrointestinal diseases, liver, gall bladder and pancreas diseases and patients with any type of digestive problems are given outpatient treatment here.

General medicine, check-up medicine

Time and again, diseases are detected too late, because the patients had no or hardly any complaints over a longer period of time. Thanks to the most modern diagnostics, today's medicine enables physicians to obtain a comprehensive picture of your state of health and detect and remedy physical disorders at an early stage. This always starts with a detailed conversation about your lifestyle and your health history together with an in-depth examination. Various imaging methods and laboratory values round off the overall picture.


The physiotherapy practice PhysioT6 specialises in the conservative treatment of complaints, which also includes surgical aftercare, of course. The competent team is very experienced in conservative therapy, because physiotherapy is an integral part of any comprehensive treatment in orthopaedics.

Medical strengthening therapy

Any type of back pain, tension in the neck region, headaches, migraines, osteoporosis, degenerative changes on the spine, herniated discs, scoliosis, etc.: such pain can be reduced on average by over 50% through intensive and targeted strengthening of the locomotor system.

Body Statics & Sensomotoric Centre

For patients suffering from back pain and complaints of the locomotor system, the experts at our in-house Body Statics & Sensomotoric Centre (ZKS) generate a comprehensive body statics analysis with a 4D-motion spine analysis device (DIERS Biomedical Solutions).

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