The Pain Mastery

The Pain Mastery

Up to 90% of back pain is non-specific. This means that the results of diagnostic imaging do not explain the actual pain felt.
Injections and medications help relieve acute pain, but if that's not going to be your long-term solution, The Pain Mastery is your place to go.

The strain from pain is mainly in the brain

I am Nina Olsson, the first certified neurocoach in Germany and I work together with Michael Weber, osteopath and physiotherapist.
Together we founded the unique concept of “The Pain Mastery”. In the The Pain Mastery, you work with science against pain.
Our unique concept works with evidence- and brain-based NeuroCoaching, complemented by gentle guidance to pain-free movement.
Evidence-based NeuroCoaching strategies show positive, statistically significant success in reducing pain. Proven through data-driven, rigorous experimental evaluations in over 7000 studies.

The strain from pain is mainly in the brain. We make use of this fact - among others - in The Pain Mastery. It happens that, even if the cause of the pain has long since been eliminated, the same pain may still be felt as before. In our online courses, we gently guide you to make micro changes in your lifestyle that lead to major pain relief.

Would you like to know more? Please write us an email: If you like to ask your questions by phone, please write your phone number to it, we will call you as soon as possible.
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We are looking forward to meeting you!
Nina and Michael

The Pain Mastery

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