Knee denervation

Denervation of the knee is among the minimally invasive methods of modern joint therapy to handle the symptoms of arthrosis – pain and restricted movement – even at an advanced state of wear.

The gentle alternative to joint replacement

With a state-of-the-art heat probe, the nerve fibres leading to the knee and causing pain there are temporarily obliterated. The treatment, which is performed with a local anaesthesia and X-ray control, takes approximately half an hour. After resting for half an hour, you can resume your everyday life.

Nerve fibres are obliterated with this state-of-the-art heat probe.

Knee denervation is especially suitablefor persons...

... who are too young for a knee replacement but suffering intense pain;
... who are advised against knee surgery due to health reasons;
... who are afraid of a general anaesthesia or a lengthy hospital stay because of age 
... who already have an artificial knee joint and still experience pain.

Please ask us to find out whether this method is suitable for you.

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