Back pain

Quite often, there is no direct correlation between subjective pain and the objective findings in imaging methods. Still, surgery is often performed much too soon and much too often.

Acute and chronic pain: we have helped more than 25,000 patients

Back pain may be acute but may also become chronic, accompanied by severe pain or deficiency symptoms, paraesthesia and loss of strength in the arms or legs. 

Our team specialises in finding the causes of your complaints and remedying them with conservative means. Whether before or after surgery - we help you to become pain-free.

Good to know: the vertebrate disc is responsible for the back pain.

Specialising in conservative methods

The medical experts at our Munich practice treat people, not X-rays. Ranging from differential diagnostics to effective therapy, we aim to treat back pain with conservative means.

The motto of the multimodal treatment approach is minimal therapy, maximum effect. 90 percent of all back pain is healed with the help of conservative therapies – ranging from physiotherapy, medical strengthening therapy and interventional pain therapy to bioregenerative methods – in approximately six months. Even patients who have been suffering from pain for years can be spared surgery and the associated risks.

"Our work is based on the latest findings in back medicine and pain research."

Dr. Martin Marianowicz, founder of the Marianowicz Diagnosis and Therapy Centre, has been opting for conservative orthopaedic medicine for over 30 years. His credo: Surgery is only required in very few cases.

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