Spinal stenosis

Numbness in the joints, lasting tingling or pain in the back, almost always when walking, but sometimes also when standing. The reason for this may be a constriction of the spinal canal that presses on the medulla or pinches the nerve roots.

If the spinal canal is constricted

Our patients also often complain of a feeling of uncertainty when walking and becoming easily fatigued when running. Spinal canal stenosis is the most common reason for spinal surgery in persons over 60, which is often unnecessary. 

Yet spinal canal stenosis can be treated very well with conservative means in most cases.

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The reasons for spinal stenosis are multifarious:  

  • age-related wear;
  • a damaged, protruding intervertebral disc;
  • osseous growths on the facet joints;
  • thickening of the yellow ligament (ligamentum flavum) that stabilises the vertebrae;
  • the consequences of disc surgery often dating back some time;
  • and rarely, a genetic disposition.

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