Stem cell therapy

Five million sufferers in Germany – osteoarthritis is among the most common diseases. Even if the joint wear cannot be reversed, there are many possibilities to prevent osteoarthritis pain, alleviate it or remedy it altogether.  

Autologous regeneration – relieving complaints without surgery

Numerous research activities and scientific studies in the USA show that there are more and larger stem cells in fatty tissue than in bone marrow. This insight resulted in a bioregenerative therapy with stem cells from fatty tissue to activate the body's own repair mechanisms.
Thanks to this gentle, minimally invasive treatment method, a joint replacement can be delayed for quite some time or prevented altogether.
With autologous stem cell therapy, a method which is only approved for application in very few medical practices in Germany, our specialists are able to inject stem cells obtained from abdominal fat into a fat pad close to the joint.
This improves important functions and can result in lasting pain relief in many cases.

The stem cell therapy is performed as an outpatient treatment and you are ready to resume your everyday life shortly after the treatment.

Autologous stem cells are used in stem cell therapy.

Who benefits from this treatment?

Patients of any age with cartilage damage and/or osteoarthritis. The best results are achieved in younger patients without pronounced joint wear and without axial malalignments (knock-knees or bow legs). 

Patients in which other, conservative therapy measures were not effective.

Patients who were not prescribed permanent medication with cortisone or immunosuppressive medication.

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