Radicular syndrome

Radicular syndrome, also referred to as inflammation of the sciatic nerve, occurs when the nerve exit on the spine is constricted, for example due to a slipped disc or a bony constriction.

An inflammation of the sciatic nerve can have many causes

Radicular syndrome is frequently caused by a malposition in the region of the lumbar spine, for example due to excess desk work.
There are many reasons for this nerve root irritation: 

a protruding intervertebral disc, a slipped intervertebral disc, a constriction at the exit of the nerves from the vertebral joints (lumbar spinal stenosis) and/or wear of the intervertebral disc between two vertebral joints (osteochondrosis).

The intervertebral disc is responsible for lower back pain.

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A differential diagnosis brings clarity. Both an extensive consultation and a thorough examination are essential pillars to discovering the cause of radicular syndrome.
Direct questions help in the process, such as:

  • When did the complaints start?
  • How long has this pain persisted?
  • Is the pain always the same or does it change?
  • Where exactly is the pain located?
  • Where does it radiate to?
  • What intensifies it?
  • Does it hurt when you cough or sneeze or when it is pressed?
  • Does it get better when you sit or when you walk around?

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