At our centre, we increasingly opt for biological methods for pain relief in orthopaedic treatments. Autohaemotherapy activates the body's self-healing capacity.

Gentle help with injuries and wear

Do you suffer from joint pain in the knees or hands due to osteoarthritis? Do you suffer from back, tendon or muscle pain? Over the past years, we have developed novel therapy approaches with respect to osteoarthritis after treating numerous patients. 

  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy

PRP therapy is a modern therapy approach that can slow down and delay degenerative processes in the joints. Additionally, the treatment can result in longer pain relief and improve the mobility of the affected joints. The treatment is also suitable for recent sports injuries.

  • Cell-free autologous protein serum

With this therapy method, autologous, anti-inflammatory substances are obtained from the patient's blood and then multiplied. The result is a highly enriched autologous protein serum that is injected into the affected joint.
This serum achieves what the body can presently not achieve on its own: fighting the infection and activating the body's own repair mechanisms. 

In our experience, both therapies are low-risk and have hardly any side effects (good tolerability due to autologous substance).

"We will find out whether Autohaemotherapy is suitable for you."

Osteoarthritis in basically any joint and with varying degrees of wear
Acute muscle injuries (rupture of a muscle fibre)
Recently torn ligaments
Chronic tendon complaints (such as tennis elbow)
Chronic tendon changes (such as achillodynia)
Acute tendon injuries

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