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A warm welcome to the Centre for Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Prevention, Sports Medicine, and Rehabilitation at the Marianowicz Center for Diagnosis & Therapy in Munich. We offer patients and athletes in every age group comprehensive cardiology, internal medicine, and sports medicine examinations and care, from prevention to follow-up care. Our patient population includes those with heart disease and cancer, patients who are normal weight and overweight, and casual as well as high-performance athletes. Our central concern is your well-being, because we want you to remain healthy and capable now and into old age. Our range of services includes:

  • Prevention of heart attacks, strokes, and cancer
  • Thorough preventive check-up examinations
  • Cardiology and internal medicine care
  • Sports medicine / sports cardiology
  • Performance testing and training counsel
  • Prevention of sudden cardiac death during sports activity
  • Cardiology rehabilitation

After many years of university clinical and academic activity, your attending physician, Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Axel Preßler, gathered extensive experience in all of the areas listed above. His combination of broad and highly specialised medical training gives him a wide-ranging perspective that takes the big picture into consideration when making diagnostic and therapeutic decisions regarding you. In addition, he serves on national and international cardiology and sports medicine working groups and is actively involved in developing international treatment guidelines.

Keeping you healthy – this is our main concern!

Cardiovascular diseases and cancer are among the most frequent causes of death throughout the world. But it doesn't have to always be this way. Timely preventive care examinations can prevent a large proportion of such deaths or point the way toward successful therapeutic interventions. Even if you already have an illness, regular examinations are essential to detect changes and treat them appropriately. At the Marianowicz Centre, we perform extensive examinations and tests that we analyse with precision and put together into an overall picture. We discover vulnerabilities, determine your personal health risks, and offer you individual tailor-made treatment plans. The consistent focus is on your personal meetings with the doctor, because only a personal connection makes it possible to correctly rank symptoms, initiate the right examinations, and adequately manage with your individual risk profile. We involve various other specialties to help discover the often-hidden triggers for your symptoms and initiate effective treatments.

More specifically, we offer the following in each area of care:


We diagnose and treat all forms of cardiovascular disease and for this purpose, use the very latest technology and devices. We determine your individual heart attack and stroke risk and also counsel you about appropriate measures for a healthy lifestyle and, if necessary, the right medication therapies. For already existing, and even advanced illnesses, we investigate and treat you under consideration of currently valid medical guidelines while never losing sight of your situation as an individual.

Specifically, we offer:

  • Thorough exploration of your illness history and a physical examination
  • Comprehensive laboratory testing including genetic tests (when necessary)
  • Resting ECG, long-term ECG, long-term blood pressure measurement
  • Detection of hidden vascular problems, e.g. in case of high blood pressure (pulse wave velocity, vascular stiffness)
  • Stress ECG, including additional oxygen measurement (spiroergometry), if necessary
  • Cardiac and vascular ultrasound (echocardiogram, carotid ultrasound, ultrasound of the leg arteries)
  • Stress echocardiogram (ultrasound under physical strain)
  • Cardiac computer tomography to determine the calcium content of your coronary arteries (heart attack prevention)
  • Cardiac MRI testing (magnetic resonance) to recognise diseases of the heart muscle or scar formation

Internal Medicine and Prevention

Alongside our specialisation in diagnosing and treating cardiovascular diseases, we also treat the general range of illnesses in the realm of general internal medicine. Our focus here is on the early recognition of organ abnormalities and diseases of all kinds, in order to facilitate timely initiation of the necessary treatments. For diseases belonging to other specialty areas in internal medicine, such as gastroenterology (stomach, bowel, liver), diabetology (diabetes), endocrinology (thyroid gland), pulmonology (lungs), oncology (cancer), nephrology (kidneys), rheumatology (rheumatic conditions), urology (bladder, prostate), radiology (computer tomography, MRI, X-rays) and other specialities, our outstanding network allows us to call upon specialised colleagues in a timely manner to jointly implement the right therapeutic measures.

In addition to the procedures listed earlier under 'cardiology', we also offer:

  • Comprehensive laboratory testing, including tumour markers, vitamin level measurements, hormonal and stress profiles
  • Determination of body composition (body mass index, fat, muscle mass, water)
  • Pulmonary function tests
  • Ultrasound investigation of the abdominal organs including the abdominal aorta and renal vessels
  • Thyroid ultrasound " Development of individual risk profiles, diagnostic and treatment plans
  • Counselling for a healthy lifestyle

In terms of cancer prevention, besides the procedures listed above, we also offer stomach and bowel endoscopies and comprehensive radiological testing.

Sports Medicine

Would you like to be more physically active, but are uncertain how to do this in a mindful and healthy way? Are you currently involved occasionally or regularly in demanding leisure sports activities and want to achieve optimal utility for health and athletic success? Are you engaged in extensive sports activities but want to recognise and minimise your risk of sudden cardiac death? Or do you have an illness and want to know whether athletic activity is permissible for you, and if so what type would be most suitable? If any of these situations apply to you, you should seek a sports medicine evaluation and training consultation. We examine and counsel athletes and patients in all age groups and with every kind of illness in terms of individual capacity in order to design a programme of vital regular physical activity that is both safe and effective for you.

For this purpose, besides the procedures listed above, we also offer:

  • Logging individual training and sports history
  • Comprehensive cardiology testing to recognise potential risks
  • Determination of physical fitness using spiroergometry (measuring maximum oxygen uptake and other test results relevant to training)
  • Lactate performance diagnosis on normal ergometers, a special sports bicycle, or a treadmill
  • Determination of aerobic and anaerobic thresholds and training zones
  • Counsel on effective implementation of athletic activities in health, leisure, and performance sports


Rehabilitation is an essential component in follow-up care for cardiac, vascular, and other illnesses. It reduces the daily burden of dealing with a disease, optimises the correction of risk factors, reduces the likelihood of further events, and improves physical capacity, enabling you to resume your occupational and daily activities as fully as possible. One of the most effective interventions is regular physical training to increase and maintain your fitness and quality of life.

In this area, after a comprehensive examination and risk assessment using the procedures listed above, we also offer:

  • Determination of optimal training intensity for your health situation
  • Ambulatory rehabilitation focussed on monitored physical training performed by experienced therapists
Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Axel Preßler

PD Dr. med. Axel Preßler

Medical Expert for Cardiology / Internal Medicine

Preventive and rehabilitative cardiology, Sports Medicine

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