International Patient services

A warm welcome to our international guests!

For years now, the Private Clinic Jägerwinkel has been a highly regarded destination for patients from all over the world, who come here to be treated by renowned physicians and enjoy the first-class service in our hospital.

Profound Care and Assistance

You can contact the International Office for every matter involving patients, for example:

  • Forwarding medical reports by the attending physicians.
  • Establishing a therapy schedule, or setting up appointments and operations by the attending physician.
  • Preparing a cost estimate (based on the physician's specifications as well as the DRG - Diagnosis Related Groups - catalogue), and clarifying the cost reimbursement.
  • Letters of confirmation / visa confirmation sent to the German Embassy following receipt of payment of the cost estimate, credited to the account of the Pettenkofer Hospital.
  • Organizing accommodations for a companion or escort (if needed).
  • Organizing the transfer from or to the airport (if needed).
  • Providing an interpreter 
(if needed).
  • A contact for when problems or questions arise.
  • Monitoring cost development.
  • Extension of a visa (if needed).
  • Compilation of the invoice of total costs for the individual medical specialties (e.g., anesthesia, pathology, laboratory costs, etc.).
  • Delivery of the final invoice, as well as medical documents, to the patient.
  • Delivery of the discharge letter, operation report, and histology findings of the surgeon to the patient.

From the first inquiry we receive from you until you return to your homeland, we will be at your side and assist you with every administrative and organizational matter. A particular focus here is on your personal, cultural, and religious needs and wants.

We have special rates available from Lufthansa for our patients. Read more.

Medical Services Include

  • Inpatient operations
  • Outpatient checkups (with a flexible or fixed program)
  • Inpatient checkups (inpatient care / medical care by our nursing staff, and accommodations at the Pettenkofer Hospital).
  • Obtaining medical second opinion(s).

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Nancy Zwintscher

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