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At the beginning of each treatment, an exact diagnosis must be established. We at the Jägerwinkel Private Clinic take our time with this. We know from experience: Already at this stage, the patient reveals much about his illness. No back pain or orthopedic defect resembles another. We apply the newest methods of diagnostics in order to choose the right therapy: From a 4D structural analysis of the entire body through magnetic resonance imaging to neurological identification. These are followed by therapy based on a five-step program carefully developed by us, and geared toward the individual person, their private and professional environment as well as the exact character and cause of their ailment.

Periradicular Therapy

In case of nerve irritation, the affected nerve is washed with antiphlogistic / detumescent medication, a process controlled by Computer tomography and precise to the millimeter. This leads to a rapid detumescence of the inflamed tissue and a disruption of the pain.

Radio Frequency Therapy

Arthrosis of the small vertebral joints results in strong static discomfort - especially in the lumbar region of the spine. Through the insertion of a thermal probe with the help of medical imaging, local anesthetics and mild heat are used to gently sclerose the nerve supplying the joint. In this way, pain quickly subsides.

Anti-Interleukin-1 Therapy

In cases where the inflammation of nerve roots or vertebral joints prove to be resistant to therapy, the injection of interleukin-1 receptor antagonist, performed with the help of medical imaging, can lead to healing by the body's own substances. This treatment represents an innovative and highly effective injection therapy from the field of molecular biology.

Epidural Pain Catheter

In order to reduce acute back pain, a specially developed catheter is placed exactly into the epidural space, using image converter control. A mechanical adhesiolysis of the inflamed nerve root is performed by extensive washing directly where the pain is at its maximum. This is followed by two to three days of injections with anti-inflammatory enzymes and osmotically effective solutions in order to support the biological healing process.

Micro Laser Technique

In cases of painful disc protrusions, the insertion of a laser micro-filament into the disc, controlled by Computer tomography, triggers a mild thermo reaction in the disk's nucleus (known as the nucleus pulposus). This causes the disk protrusion to contract - and the pain to abate immediately.

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