Burn-out – When Energy Runs Out

When joy, creativity, time to relax and encounter people get lost in every-day life, it won't take long before symptoms of stress, psychosomatic reactions and illness appear. Body and soul become imbalanced. People feel empty, exhausted and burnt-out. It is as simple as that: Those who forget the soul, will be reminded by the body.

At the Jägerwinkel Private Clinic's burn-out center, we focus on the prevention, identification and treatment of psychosomatic illnesses that have been caused by psycho-social stress. In addition to analyzing needs, the initial psychodynamic interview serves, above all, to clarify stress factors, motives and conflicts which underlie the symptoms. Within the framework of an individually tailored concept of therapy, you will receive comprehensive therapeutic support and help while enjoying the ambience of wellness during your stay at the clinic.

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