Step 5 - Stationary Complex Therapy

Patients whose pain is too strong to allow for outpatient treatment or whose pain is not sufficiently alleviated by short-term inpatient treatment, a stationary complex therapy with us at the Jägerwinkel Private Clinic presents the ideal solution. It is especially recommended for patients for whom psychic factors, such as stress at work or private difficulties, are clearly contributing to their spinal problem. For them, it is especially important to get away from their stressful daily lives for a while and become free of pain again while enjoying a protected environment.

Step 5 - Stationary Complex Therapy

Complex therapy is also designed for patients who, in addition to their back problems, suffer from massive internal problems such as low physical resilience, excess weight and cardio-vascular diseases. These disorders may also influence each other. Furthermore, complex therapy is also aimed at patients who have been suffering from chronic pain for some time and who are therefore already afflicted by psychic effects such as depression or similar problems. The therapy combines interventional pain management with intense physiotherapy, including modern techniques such as Pilates or osteopathy. This is complemented by water aerobics, other sports activities and - most importantly - by intense psychosomatic care a well as relaxation techniques such as Reiki and Yoga, or alternative methods of healing like Traditional Chinese Medicine. Special emphasis is also put on proper nutrition, weight regulation and the improvement of physical and mental fitness as well as relaxation.

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