Our Step-by-Step Plan

Every back pain is different. Therefore, we treat each patient individually. We offer tailor-made personal therapy, finely tuned toward the person, their environment and the cause of their trouble.

Step-by-Step Plan

Our tailor-made therapy consists of five steps which can be personally adapted to each patient. This plan always proceeds gradually from gentle to rigorous, from light to serious.

Soft therapies are at the bottom of the spectrum, like muscle training and stimulation therapies such as chiropractic joint manipulation, osteopathy or acupuncture; relaxation methods as well as the administration of pain medication and anti-inflammatory drugs.

The next step includes interventional pain management during which certain substances are directly injected at the location of the pain, i.e., the irritated nerve root or joint.

Step 3 offers what is known as micro-therapy, which applies minimally invasive pain catheters (epidural neuroplasty) or which shrinks vertebrate tissue by means of heat, cold or laser beam.

Step 4 includes minimal intervention such as a variety of endoscopic procedures.

Step 5 is the last one - it includes our inpatient complex therapy at our spinal clinic on Lake Tegernsee. In all circumstances, we seek to avoid large-scale open surgery - something we successfully prevent for 95 percent on our patients.

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