Step 3 - Micro Therapy

Micro therapy offers state-of-the-art high-tech methods such as epidural neuroplasty. This is a pain catheter, which - following a herniated disk but also in cases of scarring after preliminary surgery or in cases of spinal stenoses with severe pain - is inserted at the source of the pain and remains in place for two or three days.

Step 3 - Micro Therapy

During this time, the catheter continuously releases anti-inflammatory, detumescent, pain-killing and scar-dissolving medication. We also achieve excellent results with PLDD, a method, which shrinks defective disks with the help of laser, radio frequency, heat or a strong water jet. Back pain caused by the wear and tear on the small vertebral joints (facet joints) can elegantly be switched off with cold, heat or laser while cauterizing the supplying nerve root. And benign spinal cysts, which put pressure on the nerve, can be punctured on the spot with a carbon fiber needle developed by us - without downtime for the patient.

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