Take Five Steps Toward a Back Free of Pain

Root irritation, stenosis of the spinal canal, blockages, deformities or hardening and tension are among the most prevalent spinal problems. Often, strong and persistent pain is the result. It is a condition which must be treated urgently in order to prevent back problems eventually taking center stage in your life.


Through decades of exchange with international pain centers, we have developed our very own, special five-step program in order to treat you effectively and as gently as possible. The concept allows us to start with the gentlest of therapies. In the beginning, there are physiotherapy, muscle training and stimulation therapy such as acupuncture and relaxation exercises.

The second stage follows through with image-guided interventions and treatments with hyaluronic acid or the body's own proteins. 80 percent of all patients can already be helped with these methods. It is only after this that we apply modern, minimally invasive micro therapy or endoscopic interventions such as thermo probes or laser treatment for intervertebral disks. In case healing is still unsuccessful, we can, as a fifth step, use minimally invasive surgery to enable patients to continue their lives free of pain.

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