With Our Help, You Remain Healthy.

This desire is our main concern. Unfortunately, cardiovascular problems and tumors – such as breast cancer, cancer of the colon, lung cancer or carcinoma of the prostate - are still among the most frequent causes of death. Often, this happens because the illness is discovered too late. 90 percent of all deaths caused by these illnesses could be prevented by early detection. For this reason, we offer you a unique preventive program.

We start with a detailed conversation about your lifestyle and your medical history. Subsequently, we conduct examinations, using the most advanced imaging procedures, such as computer and magnetic imaging tomographies, PET, x-rays as well as ultrasonography. Gastroscopy and colonoscopy, pulmonary function testing, vascular diagnostics and comprehensive laboratory analyses provide certainty. Our methods of prevention sustainably reduce the risk of cancer, strokes or heart attacks.

Lutz Herrmann

Lutz Herrmann

Head Physician Cardiology
Head Physician Internal Medicine

Medical Expert for Internal Medicine/Cardiology

Invasive Cardiology, Angiology, and Cardiology, as well as Angiology and Cardiology Rehabilitation

Dr. med. Klaus Huber


"Prevention, early detection and therapy are pillars of internal medicine."

Dr. med. Klaus Huber

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