Nutrition and Detoxification

Nutritional Counseling

You do not have the time, opportunity or desire - often because of the hectic pace of professional life, many people relinquish a proper meal. The risk of this lifestyle making you ill in the long run is great. We will show you that balanced nutrition does not necessarily take up much of your time and can be integrated into your everyday life.

Individual Diets and Weight Loss

Considerable excess weight (BMI > 30) can cause serious long-term damage to the system. Every additional pound increases the risk of vascular disease, heart disease and stroke. Also diabetes, damage to the joints and cancer can be found among the consequences.

Detoxification of Liver, Kidneys, Intestine and Lymphatic System

Every day, we take in a serious amount of noxious substances through our food and from the environment. Some of them get stored in the body and can cause serious damage.

Infusion Therapies

Especially with chronic diseases such as rheumatism and circulatory disorders but also during phases of acute stress, the body needs powerful help, and fast. Infusions work directly and avoid side effects in the gastrointestinal tract.

Hemodilution Procedures

During this treatment, the blood is thinned with certain plasma solutions, thus improving cerebral blood-flow and the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. We successfully use this kind of treatment, for example, after an acute loss of hearing but also in order to stimulate the body to dissolve blood clots on its own.

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