Core Areas

Blood Pressure Adjustment and Readjustment

High blood pressure is often treated too late. Why? Most patients feel very well over long periods of time. A precarious situation: Without medical intervention, there is danger of stroke, heart attack, kidney and eye diseases. We make sure that it does not come to that.

Diabetes Adjustment und Readjustment

Type 2 diabetes has become a common disease these days. But what can be done against it? In addition to a genetic predisposition, it is also caused by wrong nutrition and too little exercise. With us, you will learn to get a grip on diabetes. We believe that drug treatments are always the last resort. We will show you how much you can achieve when you change your lifestyle and adjust your diet.

Acute and Chronic Lung Diseases

Chronic bronchitis or acute pneumonia endanger the respiratory system and put a strain on the whole body. They can have dire consequences for the entire body system and even result in cardiac insufficiency. Our methods of therapy are gentle and effective..


Are you chronically tired? Constantly suffering from a cold? Permanently affected by digestive disorders? The underlying cause may be a disruption of the immune system. We examine you thoroughly and effectively to find the cause for your specific problem.

Allergy Diagnosis

A growing number of people suffer from allergies. Discovering the trigger of an allergic reaction is the key to successful treatment. With modern procedures and the required patience, we analyze the possible factors and guide you toward effective treatment.

Oncological Concomitant Therapy

Cancer and the often ensuing radiation treatment or chemotherapy result in extreme stress for the body and weaken the immune system. Concomitant treatments with high dosages of vitamin C or mistletoe preparations reduce side effects and improve overall wellness.

Cancer Aftercare

When the tumor has been removed, the body - and often the soul as well - still have to cope with the illness that has just been conquered. Professional help makes this difficult time easier to bear. We support you with medical rehabilitation and psychological advice to find your way back into everyday life.

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