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Life is movement. This is the motto of osteopathy. It is closely related to chirotherapy yet is considered to be a lot gentler. For this reason, undesirable side effects are comparatively rare. The method was established by the American physician Andrew Taylor Still at the end of the 19th century. In Germany, it gained importance as an alternative medical procedure only 40 years ago. According to Still, restricted movement of joints and fascia (a layer of connective tissue that encloses organs, muscles and muscles fibers) may not only lead to diseases of the musculoskeletal system but also of the cardiovascular system or other organs. These restrictions of mobility are to be dissolved by targeted pressing, gentle turning and light poking. There are several types of osteopathy. Structural osteopathy focuses on muscles, bones and joints, while visceral osteopathy concentrates on the inner organs. What is known as craniosacral therapy is a subspecies of osteopathy. The focus here is on the stimulation of the central nervous system, and especially the spinal cord.


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