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Anti-Interleukin-1 Therapy

A relatively new and very promising method derived from molecular biology. The anti-interleukin 1 therapy injects the body's own proteins into the vertebral joints or at the inflamed nerve root. This is the ideal solution for patients with arthrosis, in cases of sciatica or irritated nerves following a herniated disk. This therapy requires drawing a bit of blood from the patient, as it contains a fantastic agent - anti-interleukin-1. This substance is able to protect the cartilage and simultaneously inhibits transmitters of the immune system, which promote inflammation and destroy the joint. This agent in the patient's blood is encouraged to multiply at our laboratory before it is isolated, filled into syringes and frozen. It takes between five and eight injections to achieve a lasting improvement of between one and three years. Since these are the body's own substances, they can be used, without worry, even in patients with drug intolerances or diabetes.


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