Healing Methods

Gentle Medicine

Neural Therapy According to Huneke

In the 1920s, German physician Ferdinand Huneke was able to achieve surprising success with this innovative therapy of pain management. Migraines as well as chronic and acute pain of the musculoskeletal system can often be treated very effectively. Neural therapy assumes that the body can be weakened by fields of interference inside it. The injection of local anesthetics disrupts the effect of dispersion in the nervous system. Often, pain fades surprisingly fast.


The healing successes of homeosiniatry show how beneficial it can be to combine several methods of gentle medicine. If you are suffering from back, neck and shoulder pain or arthrosis, the therapeutic combination of traditional Chinese medicine and European homeosiniatry can often be highly effective. Within this framework, homeopathic substances are injected at certain points of acupuncture. This causes synergetic effects: Both methods complement each other, and thus even intensify their impact.


We also make use of nature's healing powers to complement our physicians' medication. Herbal medicine in traditional Chinese medicine goes way back through millennia of history. Comprehensive knowledge is necessary in order to choose the most effective recipe for each individual patient from among close to 3,000 known remedies. With our experienced Traditional Chinese Medicine experts, you are in very competent hands.


Highly different illnesses such as orthopedic problems, neurological or internal diseases and even psychic disorders are acknowledged as indications for acupuncture treatments. Pinpricks precisely positioned on the body's energy pathways - the so-called meridians - cause the body to discharge analgesic substances by itself. Furthermore, a reflex effect exerts a positive influence on the internal organs. In addition to classic acupuncture, we also offer you modern variants such as ear acupuncture or laser acupuncture without needles.


Are you often tired and exhausted? Are you repeatedly suffering from urinary tract infections and colds? When the immune system is overwhelmed, autohemotherapy might be of help. In the course of a longer therapy cycle, small amounts of blood are drawn and re-injected into the muscle, either in pure form or enriched with homeopathic substances. This healing method activates the body's own immune system and can be effective also in cases of allergy, asthma or rheumatic illnesses.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

The five pillars of 3,500 years of Chinese medicine are acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutritional therapy, tuina massage and physical exercises such as Quigong - or Tai Chi. All methods aim at getting life energy - Qui - to flow. At the Jägerwinkel Private Clinic, Traditional Chinese Medicine is successfully combined with Western methods of healing such as neural therapy or homeopathy.

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