Cardiology Prevention

Preventing diseases of the cardiovascular system

Cardiology includes the detection, cardiological treatment, prevention and cardiac rehabilitation of disease of the cardiovascular system as well as angiological conditions affecting the arterial vascular system as a whole.

Cardiology Prevention Clinic

As a cardiology specialist centre, the Jägerwinkel clinic offers modern diagnostic procedures and preventive therapies. Our specialised physicians and experts focus on the comprehensive health status of each individual patient and apply the latest diagnostic procedures to this end. We place great emphasis on using gentlest possible diagnostic methods and subsequent treatments. Preventive interventions are specifically tailored to the needs of each individual patient.

One of our special areas of expertise is preventive cardiology. For this purpose, our patients obtain prompt outpatient appointments for various preventive care examinations at our hospital.

Prevention at the Jägerwinkel Private Clinic

Our physicians and staff members have made it their special objective to promote and maintain full participation in social and working life for our patients. To accomplish this, our cardiology prevention programme includes a broad range of comprehensive measures. Our therapy recommendations also meet the standards of the national care guidelines for coronary heart disease.

Our treatment and therapeutic model

  • Exercise therapy: individual endurance training, strength and muscle development training, promotion of exercise motivation
  • Functional and occupational health-related therapies: gradual introduction to the basic requirements of day-to-day and working life
  • Disease-specific patient education
  • Health education: counselling, seminars and lectures on health-related themes
  • Nutritional therapy consultations for sustained improvement of nutritional and eating behaviour
  • Psychological interventions: clarification and processing of psychological burdens, activation of psychic resources
  • Relaxation measures: biofeedback, autogenic training, Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga
  • Smoking cessation
  • Individual counselling on follow-up care measures, lifestyle alteration, and managing one’s illness
  • Promotion of self-help options
  • Discharge management

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