Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehab: Rehabilitation for cardiac patients

The medical field of cardiology encompasses the following items:

  • Detection of cardiovascular problems and heart diseases
  • Cardiology treatment
  • Prevention
  • Rehabilitation for diseases of the cardiovascular system and angiological conditions affecting the arterial vascular system

Follow-up rehabilitation for cardiovascular diseases

It is recommended that patients with chronic or acute diseases of the cardiovascular system undergo subsequent rehabilitation after completing their initial treatment. As a cardiology rehab clinic in Bavaria, the Jägerwinkel offers its patients inpatient cardiology rehabilitation. Typically, this follow-up rehabilitation treatment or follow-up rehabilitation takes place directly after a hospital inpatient stay.

Cardiac Rehabilitation in Bavaria

At our cardiology specialist centre in Bavaria, we provide modern diagnostic procedures and therapy. Our experts take all the time necessary to determine your physical condition. Using the most modern diagnostic procedures, we accurately and gently clarify the exact causes of your medical symptoms to develop an individualised and tailor-made cardiology rehabilitation programme for you. We also determine and take into consideration risk factors such as stress and unfavourable life circumstances.

Our special focus is on cardiac rehabilitation. The doctors, therapists and nurses at our rehab hospital create the best possible conditions for patients with chronic cardiac illness or following an acute event such as a myocardial infarct to build up their own strength to be able to limit or reverse the progression of the disease.

The goal of our cardiac rehab is to energise the body’s own forces to strengthen the body in the long term to minimise the risk of a recurrence of vascular or cardiac disease.

The location of the cardiac rehabilitation clinic in Bavaria is of particular importance. It has been clinically shown that the environment has a major impact on the success of rehab interventions and the associated efforts toward recovery. In the idyllic feel-good ambience of the inpatient rehab unit, our patients can continuously improve their physical fitness in the indoor swimming pool or the sunny garden pool. In the fitness and physiotherapy centre, we provide you with the most modern apparatus for cardio training. Our personal trainers are always there to assist our patients and respond to questions and provide support.

The Jägerwinkel as a cardiac rehabilitation clinic

Our aim as a cardiac rehabilitation clinic in Bavaria is to ensure and improve the quality of rehabilitation care. In addition, as a rehab provider, it is part of our mission to maintain our patients’ participation in social life, and especially their involvement in their working lives over the long term.

For this reason, our cardiac rehab therapy includes functional and working-world related therapies, services directed at professional and social re-integration, and to prepare for subsequent activities.

The therapeutic efficacy of rehabilitation for cardiac diseases has been scientifically proven. The Jägerwinkel is one of the cardiac rehab clinics in Bavaria, and its cardiac rehab programmes meet the therapeutic recommendations of the national care guidelines for coronary heart disease.

All therapeutic areas of rehabilitation have, among others, the aim of enabling stable lifestyle changes for patients suitable for day-to-day life which are based on their individual conditions, capacities and possibilities. Further, it is also a matter of promoting self-management in order to broadly maintain or restore performance capacity at work and in daily life.

The therapy model of cardiac rehabilitation includes functional as well as educational, psychotherapeutic and psychosocial aspects, which are systematically integrated with each other and whose impact unfolds within the framework of the rehabilitation programme.

The modules established by the cardiac rehab clinic model and individual therapeutic services mutually reinforce each other. Further factors such as the clinic ambience, interdisciplinary collaboration, a patient-oriented attitude and the rehab patients’ relationships with each other all play an important role in the success of the treatment. The organisation of the therapy content and elements through careful treatment planning and joint coordination of rehab goals are also of great importance to their quality.

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