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More and more people spend their free time participating in sport activities. Our clinic specializes in taking care of professional, competitive and amateur athletes. We focus on the diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries and sports-related diseases of the entire musculoskeletal system.

In addition, we carry out performance diagnoses in order to be able to evaluate the individual's capacities depending on the type of sport and then issue recommendations for training routines. This process is optimized by close interdisciplinary cooperation with internists, neurologists, radiologists and the departments of physiotherapy, osteopathy and medical training.


An individual performance diagnoses provides detailed insight into the patient's actual stamina and performance capacity, the pulse rate, as well as strengths and weaknesses of the training program. A complete diagnosis includes the direct measuring of the respiratory gases (spiroergometry) as well as lactate level tests and lactate performance diagnostics. In order to achieve their goals in sports, we offer every athlete training consultations for their specific type of sport, with detailed training analyses and, if so desired, specific goal-oriented recommendations for training.


Regular assistance for athletes also helps prevent overexertion or injuries caused by inappropriate training. In the course of a comprehensive examination by a physician such limitations can be detected early. Often, even small deflections of the spine or the pelvis, small differences in the length of the legs, a slightly reduced mobility of hip or knee or malformations of the foot can cause pain during or after work-out, which leads to an overexertion of muscles, joints and tendons and may develop into chronic irritation. In addition to a specific foot pressure analysis during motion, video analyses of the foot's motion under observation of the entire motion sequence from the foot via the knee up to the hip have proven to be very useful in detecting the causes of an unfavorable motion sequence.


Our interdisciplinary team focuses their sports injury therapies on the entire available range of non-surgical methods. If surgery should become necessary, the patient is referred to a specialist. All measures, including rehabilitative sports activities, are also offered at the Jägerwinkel Private Clinic.

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