Vertebral Joint Blockages

When a muscle has been tense over a period of time, this can result in a vertebral deformation or misalignment – a blockage. It can also happen or be caused when weak muscles are overexerted, for example when abruptly lifting a heavy object.

Often, this occurs when people haven't done any stretching before hitting the golf ball at full speed or slaving forcefully away at a power machine at the gym. When there is a blockage, the narrow surfaces of the vertebral joints are too close to each other. This happens especially fast when the deep muscles tend to be weak. People are then unable to move properly, feel stiff, and movements in certain directions become difficult; muscles and nerves hurt, and sometimes, there is also pain in the arms and legs. Often, there are certain spots in the muscles, which hurt when pressed. Important: If these problems do not subside within three days, be it with or without treatment, and if the pain even radiates into the arms and legs, and fingers or legs feel numb, a physician must be consulted immediately.

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