Root Irritation Syndrome (Sciatica Lumbago)

Strictly speaking, sciatica, or better, ischialgia, is not an illness but rather a sign that the sciatic nerve has been irritated. Sciatica belongs to the group of lumbalgia, which concern problems of the lumbar spine. Sometimes, the pain appears fast and furiously, so that the afflicted person can hardly move.

Root Irritation Syndrome

Ischialgia happens when one of the roots of the sciatic nerve, which exit the spinal canal and supply the legs, has been irritated or pinched. The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve, which branches out as far as the feet. The damaged nerve emits pain signals. These express themselves as dull, persistent aches, which seem to be located in the derrière, radiating into the leg and even the foot.

Burning or cutting pain is especially typical for ischialgia, running from the behind along the back of the leg. Sometimes the pain can appear with lightning speed like an electrical shock. When the sciatic nerve hurts, people avoid sneezing or coughing, as these intensify the pain. There are many reasons for these nerve root irritations: They can point at spinal protrusions, a herniated disk, spinoses at the foramina of the vertebral joints or osteochondroses.


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