Chronic and Acute Back Pain

Today, back pain has becoma a very common disease. More than 80 percent of all people around the world experience some kind of back pain sometime in their lives.

Nevertheless, the spine is quite an ingenious structure. As a system built from vertebrae, vertebral joints, ligaments and small muscles, it lends stability to the body, and at the same time allows for maximum mobility. Jumping, running, dancing – all this is made possible only by our multi-talented spine.

Under normal circumstances, the back is very forgiving: It copes with heavy lifting as well as jerky movements. Actually, it protects itself through itself. Within this context, a robust muscular system provides the best basis for a strong, pain-free back. Yet long hours spent sitting at the office, in meetings and in the car weaken the muscles and thus pave the way for disk protrusions, root irritation, a constricted spinal canal, improper posture or hardenings. All this can lead to pain - a pain that must be urgently treated so it won't take center-stage at some point later in life.

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