Muscular Problems

The muscles feel tight and hard, as if frozen, not supple, soft and elastic.

Hardenings and Trigger Points

When you feel really tense, you can usually feel out small bumps or nodules in your back, which hurt when touched. This is also known as myogelosis. The term is derived from the Greek for frozen muscles. It actually speaks for itself, as the muscles feel hard, as if frozen, and not soft and flexible.

The nodules that can be felt inside the tissue are, actually, nothing more than lactic acid (lactate). This by-product is created when, while making extreme efforts, the body is forced to obtain its energy in an anaerobic way, meaning without oxygen. It thus literally turns sour, becomes exhausted and starts to increase its production of lactic acid.

A trigger point is something similar to myogelosis. Yet by contrast, it hardly dissolves by itself. The difference to myogelosis: A trigger point can be identified under the microscope as a visible modification of muscle fiber; a myogelosis is a more harmless tension point. With trigger points, even a light touch can hurt; in addition, they can in some cases cause some sort of remote pain which expresses itself through muscles, tendons or joints elsewhere in the body. Moreover, trigger points can lead to some types of permanent, burning pain and therefore, they should definitely be treated.

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