Osteoporosis literally means "porous bone." This condition involves an increasing loss of bone mass through the reduction of calcium in the bones. Osteoporosis has become a widespread disease in our time. In Germany, for example, there are about six million osteoporosis patients: one in three women is affected.


Every seven minutes, for example a woman in Germany suffers a fracture of a vertebra, and two thirds of them are women after menopause. Most have no idea that the underlying cause is osteoporosis. There is something many don't know: 10 percent of men over 60 also suffer from osteoporosis, caused by an unhealthy life-style and unbalanced nutrition as well as an increased intake of alcohol or drugs.

Osteoporosis is an insidious disease: It is a silent, subtly progressing condition. The bones are weakened by the loss of bone mass until even slight exertion, such as a light fall, can lead to bone fractures. Fractures of the vertebra happen almost unnoticed, which then can lead to what is known as a widow's hump. Also the femur or the radius of the forearm are locations prone to fractures caused by osteoporosis. Often, the disease is only recognized when this happens. By then, though, much of the bone's mass is already gone and can not be rebuilt. All that can be done is to try and prevent further decrease. In advanced cases, osteoporosis is also accompanied by strong back pain, and the posture tends to lean forward. In addition to this pain, many women also suffer from this change to their physical appearance as well as an increasingly limited ability to move.

By now, we are successfully treating patients with osteoporosis with biomechanical Juvent Therapy. Patients are standing on a gently vibrating platform, which automatically adapts to the user. Soft impulses target even the smallest muscles and bone cells, gently stimulating them and encouraging them to build up. The patient does not experience this therapy as strong shaking but rather as slight vibrations passing through the body.

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