Step 4 - Minimally Invasive Therapy

In cases of advanced osteoporosis, we are able today to reinforce brittle vertebrae with spinal cement. This repair material is injected directly into the vertebral body through a probe (vertebroplasty). A refined variant of this method is kyphoplasty, during which a balloon is inserted into the vertebral body, where it is inflated and then filled with spinal cemen

Minimalinvasive Schmerztherapie

In the course of what is known as vesselplasty, a balloon-like net is inserted, having a similar effect. In cases of spinal stenoses, it may be recommended to expand the space in the constricted spinal canal by inserting spacers. This relieves pain and improves walking dysfunctions. Herniated disks in the lumbar area can be remedied also with endoscopic methods such as epiduroscopy. Through a small cut at the coccyx, a thin, flexible tube carrying a camera or even the smallest of instruments is inserted into the spinal canal. This enables endoscopies and rinsings as well as the removal of disk tissue in a gentle way and without actual surgery.

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