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Chirotherapy means "to heal with one's hands" and is therefore also known as manual therapy (manus in Latin means 'Hand'). Chirotherapy is reserved for physicians; natural health professionals apply chiropractic joint manipulation. Chirotherapy had been known, albeit in a modified version, to Hippocrates, the founder of European medicine in the fifth century BCE. Modern chirotherapy was initiated by the Canadian healer Daniel David Palmer at the end of the 19th century. In general, chirotherapy is about getting blocked joints to function again. For this purpose, the therapist applies two types of methods: The mobilizing technique and the manipulative technique. The mobilizing technique restores the joint's mobility with soft turns that are frequently repeated. The manipulative technique uses fast, almost abrupt movements in order to put the joint back in its proper position. A precise preliminary anamnesis is most important here, including x-ray or – even better – Computer tomography or Magnetic Resonance Tomography images, which make a clear statement about the damage the spine sustained. Chirotherapy must not be applied in cases of acute herniated disks, spondylitis, injuries or fractures of the spine as well as tumors in the spinal area.


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