Hip Joint Problems


Pain above the palpable, outer hipbone may indicate an irritation, or respectively, an inflammation of the bursa, which is located above. In a way, the bursa acts as a layer between the bones and the muscles, or respectively the skin, enabling them to shift. In pronounced cases, there is even an audible "snapping" sound produced by the muscles above the hip bone.

In most cases, surgical removal of the bursa is the exception, and a solution can be reached with injection therapy rather quickly.

Arthrosis of the Hip Joint (Coxarthrosis)

Increasing limitation of movement, "run-in" pain and pain due to exertion in the iliac region, which in part radiate into the leg, may be symptoms of wear and tear of the hip joint.

First, the results of physical examination as well as images obtained through x-ray and computer tomography help indentify the cause of the problem.

Therapy should initially be conservative and not be aimed at surgery. It consists, above all, of physiotherapeutic training measures, physical measures, injections as well as medication, if need be.

Only if the pain becomes too strong as well as in cases of advanced degenerative modifications - when there is a full-blown clinical picture of hip joint arthrosis- surgery and hip joint replacement become the necessary choice of treatment.

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