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Heat Applications

With back pain that has an inflammatory source, heat can be rather counterproductive. For all other back problems, especially for muscle tension, sciatica or muscle pain caused by arthrosis, pleasant heat can provide distinct relief. Heat stimulates the body's metabolism and supports blood circulation; nutrients are transported to the cells faster, and pollutants are flushed out more quickly. In addition, the muscles relax, and the tissue's elasticity is improved.

What is known as hyperthermia treatment also warms up the deep tissue to about 40 degrees and causes the body to produce additional white blood cells, which strengthens the immune system. The simplest forms of heat therapy are a hot bath, a hot-water bottle, the good old red light lamp or a thermo bandage. You can apply all of these yourself, at home and without much trouble. These methods relieve the pain shortly and provide temporary respite in cases of acute pain. They are easily combined with the oral administration of NSARs. The dosage of these painkillers can thus be kept at a minimum. Professionals such as physiotherapists, massagers and medical bath attendants offer an entire range of additional heat applications. The classic ones among them are packs and baths with mud, fango or moor, often in combination with massages. These substances contain important minerals and trace elements, and in addition, also anti-inflammatory agents. Baths or little bags with hay flowers used as a compress are also helpful with back problems. With their humidity and heat, they relax the muscles and at the same time, exert a strong calming influence. Ultrasound, high frequency and infrared light can also be applied to warm up tissue and muscles.


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