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Muscle Relaxants

The term muscle relaxant describes a variety of active substances; the type most often used is Tetrazepam, which is related to Valium. It belongs to the group of Benzodiazepines, which are sedatives with anxiolytic effects, yet it is approved only as a muscle relaxant. Like other muscle relaxants, it works on the central nervous system and prevents the nervous impulses that contract the muscles from being transferred. This avoids a permanent tension of the muscles and thus protects against tension and pain. By no means are muscles relaxants to be used on a permanent basis. They are actually only intended to relieve the pain until its cause has been found. After that, other drugs or treatments come into play.

The most common side effect of muscle relaxants are tiredness and drowsiness. In addition, there is another grave problem: Tetrazepam is highly addictive, just like other Benzodiazepines. An abrupt discontinuation therefore leads to severe symptoms of withdrawal. For this reason, it should be phased-out slowly and only under medical supervision.


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