As little as possible, as much as necessary.

Comprehensively qualified, specialized orthopedics for the treatment of clinical orthopedic conditions , aimed, inter alia, at an individual, targeted of joint arthroses while using combined methods of therapy, both conversative and minimally invasive.

Using specific, state-of-the-art methods, we help those suffering from arthrosis, so that your pain will be relieved and you may become more active. Arthrosis (joint degeneration) presents a constantly progressing clinical condition, which can be caused by genetic factors, excess weight, a lack of exercise, stress at work or overexertion during recreational activities.

We specialize in the treatment of arthroses in the joint of shoulder, hip, knee and ankle. The modern procedure of ACP uses autologous conditioned plasma. This special process of separation enables us to produce the part of your blood that contains the body's own regenerative components, which impede arthrosis. These agents contained in the body support healing and are subsequently reintroduced by injection into the joint affected by arthrosis, so that the cartilage may regenerate. In order to protect and sustain the synovial fluid still present in the joint's cartilage, we apply treatment with high concentrations of hyaluronic acid and also with anti-interleukin-1 therapy, a trend-setting innovative method, which uses the body's own proteins. All this is combined with modern physical methods as well as walking and running analyses.

Regenerative orthopedics apply targeted physical methods, also known as conservative methods. These can often prevent surgical intervention. We support your body's own capabilities in order to sustainably strengthen joints and muscles. This way, further damage is prevented, and it becomes easier for you to return to everyday life following an injury.

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