Minimal Intervention - Maximum Effect

We treat people - and not x-ray images. And we only take action after a detailed discussion and a clear-cut diagnosis. With that, we always start with the gentlest of all possible therapies. Minimal intervention - maximum effect: Modern orthopedics is based on this principle. Besides, there must be precise diagnostic results before any treatment can begin.

Fortunately, the times are past when patients with spinal disk disorders had almost no choice but to "go under the knife". Today, numerous methods of treatment make it possible to relate to any patient's problems in a differentiated and individual manner. Precise diagnostics, a specific therapy plan and suitable modern methods help alleviate pain at little expense and risk - and always with the goal of avoiding open surgery as much as possible.

The gentlest possible and most effective therapy requires a precise diagnosis. In addition to an in-depth discussion, this means, above all, a close physical inspection. The specialists of the interdisciplinary team at our clinic apply a wide range of diagnostic methods to obtain a clear picture of the cause of the pain, with as little stress as possible. Back pain varies greatly in its manifestations. Depending on the location, this kind of pain can also be called neck pain or a stiff neck (in the area of the cervical spine), lower-back pain (in the area of the lumbar spine) or sciatica and lumbago (with pain radiating into the legs).

Improper posture adopted while working at the computer for instance, and lack of exercise are turning back pain into a widespread ailment. The reasons for these ailments, too, can be manifold: Muscular tension, spinal blocks, inflammations, arthrosis, spinal disk protrusions or a slipped disk, scars or spinoses are only but a few possibilities. A number of problems frequently converge - and often, there is no direct connection between subjective pain and an objective diagnosis. Therefore, an exact diagnosis is even more important in order to determine the right kind of therapy.

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