Centre for Bioregenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Therapy in Munich

The Marianowicz Centre for Bioregenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Therapy is a medical centre of excellence in Munich for treatment with endogenous stem cells obtained from fatty tissue and therefore offers the patients new gentle treatment options. The centre specialises in stem cell therapy for the treatment of diseases and painful musculoskeletal complaints.

The stem cell therapy treats weak spots in the body that are not able to regenerate on the own or with the aid of other treatments.

Bioregenerative medicine with stem cells obtained from endogenous tissue

Numerous research projects and scientific studies in the USA have shown that fatty tissue contains significantly more and larger stem cells than bone marrow. The therapy with stem cells obtained from fatty tissue resulted from this insight. Our Centre for Bioregenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Therapy in Munich is one of the few treatment centres in Germany at which our very experienced specialists successfully treat the patients.

Surgery is frequently performed too often and too soon – it does not have to be that way.

The gentle outpatient stem cell therapy: Soon after the stem cell therapy, you can continue your everyday life.

Who can be treated with stem cell therapy?

The stem cell therapy is suitable for the following patients:

  • Patients with moderately severe cartilage damage (II and III degree)
  • If conservative forms of therapy have been unsuccessful in the past
  • Patients up to 70 years of age

Further restrictions (e.g. dysplasia), arthrosis that is already far advanced, other diseases and permanent medication with specific substances may make the patient unsuitable for a stem cell therapy. Please obtain further information in a preliminary consultation.

Consulting and contact

Do you have any further questions about the stem cell therapy? Our specialists for bioregenerative medicine and stem cell therapy will gladly inform you in detail in a personal and individual consultation. Please schedule an appointment for a preliminary consultation at

Dr. med. Mathias Schettle

Dr. med. Mathias Schettle

Medical Specialist for Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery

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Dr. med. Willibald Walter

Dr. med. Willibald Walter

Medical Specialist for Orthopaedics

Manual Medicine, Interventional Pain Management

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