Neurologie München
  • High-end procedures for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases
  • Measurement of nerve and muscle activity
  • Imaging of the brain, nerves, muscles and the blood supply to the brain
  • Brain check-up
  • Exclusive consultation

The accurate representation of the brain, nerves and muscles is only possible because of the highly modern technical equipment at our neurology practice: we use high-end procedures to recognise and effectively treat neurological illnesses.

At the Marianowicz Center we offer you the full spectrum of ambulatory neurological testing and treatment. As a specific preventive service for our patients, we have developed the brain check-up. In addition to imaging the brain and vital blood vessels, it also includes systematic neurological examinations, brain wave recording, and dementia screening. Upon request, we can also include testing of the nerves in the legs.

Based on the findings, we can provide early detection of certain brain illnesses such as circulatory disorders, Parkinson’s disease and dementia, and make a realistic assessment of your stroke risk. We then determine appropriate preventive measures for you.

Priv.-Doz. Dr. Dr. Hans-Hermann Fuchs

Specialist in Neurology and Psychiatry 

Neuroimmunology and neurovascular diseases, multimodal pain therapy

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