Gastroenterologie München
  • Conventional endoscopy
  • Invendoscopy
  • Capsule endoscopy
  • pH measurement
  • Ultrasound diagnosis
  • Laboratory diagnosis
  • Nutritional counselling


The München-Bogenhausen Gastroenterology Practice provides comprehensive preventive, diagnostic and treatment services in the medical specialty area of gastroenterology. We routinely use innovative procedures such as invendoscopy and capsule endoscopy along with conventional endoscopy, all at the highest standards of technology and hygiene.

Our patients benefit from close collaboration between different medical specialties. In addition, we also employ complementary medical interventions such as osteopathy and homeopathy, and use diagnostic and therapeutic insights from the fields of behavioural, nutritional and allergy medicine – always with the aim of combining the strengths of each approach to assure sustained therapeutic success.

Dr. med. Christof Pfundstein

Specialist in Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology, Emergency Medicine & Nutritional Medicine (DAEM/DGEM)

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